China High quality 12T14T16T German axle BPW axle with low price example of wheel and axle

Use: Trailer Elements
Areas: Trailer Axles
OE NO.: OEM Provider Supplied
Max Payload: Max Payload: 12T/14T/16T
Measurement: Measurement: Standard Size
Product Identify: Sizzling Sale German kind Trailer Axle BPW axle for sale
Application: Trailer Components
Content: Steel
Weight: 340KG
Color: Customer Needs
Key phrase: BPW Kind
Track: 1840mm/1850mm
MOQ: 1pcs
Certification: ISO 9001
Packing: Normal Packaging
Packaging Information: Normal Package deal
Port: HangZhou

Products Description ORENO Truck Semi Trailer German Variety Bpw Trailer Axle For Semi Trailer Parts1. There are 2 varieties of axles, one particular-piece axle tube and welded tube, CZPT axle head, long provider lifestyle.2. Higher-quality non-asbestos environmental protection friction plate, excellent efficiency, easy to replace.3. Bearings are substantial-frequency hardened, with big bearing potential, substantial speed and secure use.4. The tire bolts are produced of alloy steel with large energy. Equipped with 2 positioning sleeves.

Axle SortMax.Capacity(T)Track(mm)Brake(mm)BearingSpring Seat Set upAxle tubeCentre Distance of Brake Chamber(mm)
JX12F2G70121840Φ420*two hundred3311833213≥980□150423
JX14F4G73141840Φ420*two hundred3221933215≥900□150356
Wheel FixingTotal SizeRecommended WheelWeight(KG)
Merchandise Show one. Specific heat remedy, reduced alloy steel axle beam, good complete functionality, FK mounted bearing UCP 208 UCP209 UCP210 pillow block bearings UCP210 UCP 210 powerful bearing ability, minimal useless fat. two. High high quality alloy CZPT spindle provides excellent tiredness resistance through integral warmth therapy. three. Camshaft adopts specific sealing processing to guarantee that grease will not enter the brake drum, which is much more safe. 4. New restricted in shape wheel hubcap, O-ring seal, great sealing overall performance. EquipmentIt adopts higher-quality components from key manufacturers at home and abroad, and global regular German axle specifications. It has powerful practicability, minimal value and hassle-free servicing. AxleGood quality assurance, the assembly procedure strictly abide by global good quality requirements to create substantial-quality products. Solution Software Packaging & Shipping Business Profile ZheJiang ORENO Mechanical Co.,Ltd is a expert R&D and producer of various trailer axles, suspensions and trailer components. It is found in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. county,China, 1 of the most significant trailer maker bases in China. Because its establishment in 2001, we have adhered to high quality, substantial support, and large analysis and growth, and constantly presented customers with high-top quality and excellent cost products, with consumer pleasure and lean producing as our tenet, New High inertia MHMD082P1U Servo Motor quality assurance and world-wide provider as our goal. ORENO has robust complex force, innovative technologies,full gear,very first class creation line,domestic and worldwide advanced precision CNC and strict inspection approach in dorder to give customers with excellent high quality of semi-trailer axle assembly,solitary position suspension assembly and other appropriate elements.ORENO has the annual manufacturing capacity of a hundred and sixty,000 sets American,German type axle assembly and a hundred and ten,000 sets American,German sort suspension.We find advancement by innovation,based mostly on quality survival,status and price for competitive business philosophy,based mostly in “trailer”,China. Exports to southeast Asia, the center east, south Asia, central The usa, High precision angular contact ball bearing 7002 CZPT ball bearing 7002CTYNSULP4 Africa and thirty other international locations and locations have been nicely acquired by buyers.

Different Types of Axles

An axle is the central shaft of a gear or wheel. It can be mounted to a wheel or to the vehicle itself, and will rotate with the wheels and vehicle. It may also contain bearings. Some vehicles have different types of axles, including Live, Split, Tandem, and Drop-out axles.

Live axle

A beam axle, also called a rigid axle, is a type of dependent suspension system. It connects a set of wheels lateral to one another. In previous times, beam axles were used in the rear of a vehicle, and later on, as the front axle in four-wheel-drive vehicles.
Live axles are also popular on trucks. They can provide better traction and keep the vehicle at a constant height. This is especially helpful for off-road vehicles. Those vehicles are typically driven slowly and the suspension is not as important as handling and cornering. Nonetheless, some trucks still use this design. It can be a great option if you are looking for a vehicle that handles well.
Live axles have a number of drawbacks. The front end of a live axle can destabilize and affect cornering grip. They also require a means of locating the axle, which may be an issue with heavy or lightweight vehicles. Leaf springs can help in this regard. Alternatively, you can opt for an independent rear axle.
Live axles are a great option for drag racing vehicles. They offer better traction and a better structural base than a conventional full floater axle assembly. They also allow for increased gear life and reduce rear end distortion.


If you aren’t sure how to make split axles, you’re not alone. The process can be very difficult, and the parts can get mixed up. The key is to know how to create the proper alignment for your axles. Thankfully, there are some tools that can make this job a breeze.
Split axles have two components: a bolt head 30 that acts as a stop during relative pivotal movement. The axle assembly 16 is then pivotally mounted between the brackets and the frame. During pivotal movement, the bolt head 30 acts as a stop and prevents the axle from moving too far either way. This is done to maintain the pad 28 at a predetermined compression level. This allows the axle to perform a smooth and consistent drive.
Split axles are a common feature of modern vehicles. This type of suspension system provides greater traction, and it allows the left and right wheels to roll at different speeds. It also prolongs the life of tires, and increases traction.


A tandem axle trailer is a great choice for hauling large loads. This style of trailer comes with more features and is more stable. These trailers are usually available in 16′, 18′, or 20′ lengths. They are also available with 8,500, or 10,000 GVW capacities. They are a great choice for hauling large loads on main highways.
Tandem axles are commonly used on trucks. Each axle features a drive mechanism, and are attached to the engine power unit. There are two types of tandem axles, one with a standard differential and the other with a power divider. Drivers may have trouble figuring out which axle is driving the truck at different times, so it is important to understand how each type of axle works.
While there are some common rules that apply to tandem axles, there are also some exceptions. In some cases, a single axle has a lower weight limit than a tandem axle, and the two axles must be at least 40 inches apart.


Drop-out axles are used to connect the dropouts of a bike frame. When using dropouts, make sure the distance between the axles is 110mm. Then use a clamp to squeeze the dropouts together. Make sure to measure both dropouts carefully, because a 1mm difference in the width can cause a lot of trouble.
The 9″ drop-out axle was produced from the late 1950s to 1986. They were made in trucks and cars, but not in motorcycles. To use this axle in a 1990 LTD CV, you will need to make several modifications to the mounting of the axle and connection to the drive line. You will also need to consider installing a parking brake. Moreover, this axle is not compatible with the Panther platform. In fact, the drop-out axle is available in several variations.
Drop-out axles are also known as single-speed. The lower part is called the semi-horizontal dropout, while the upper part is called the vertical dropout. This dropout includes an eyelet for mounting a fender or rack.


The Czpt axle is a popular choice for a wide variety of vehicles. Initially used in heavy-duty pickup trucks, it was eventually adopted by all major automakers in the U.S., including Ford, Dodge, and Chrysler. It also became popular as a front differential on 4WD vehicles.
Czpt axles are easy to recognize, and the numbering system is consistent regardless of the vehicle model. The axle’s model number is found on the right lower web of the housing near the pinion yoke. It is also stamped on the axle tube. If you can’t find the axle model number, you can find it on Czpt’s website.
Czpt axles are also recognizable by their Bill of Materials (BOM) number. This is like a vehicle’s VIN number, and it identifies the axle’s gear ratio, model number, and component parts. A Czpt axle’s BOM number starts with 60 or 61.
The Czpt axle is the most common axle size in Jeeps. The Czpt 30 axle is the standard, and can be found on most Jeeps. The YJ version of this axle uses a reverse cut ring and pinion, while the TJ version does not. It is made from 5×4.5 inch bolts.

Universal joint

A universal joint is a component that connects two wheels to one another. This component is made to replace worn out or damaged parts on axles. They are also used to repair and replace brakes and drive shaft yokes. The universal joint can be purchased at an auto parts store or online. To replace a universal joint, you need to remove the axle shaft and the front brakes.
The universal joint is a flexible pivot point that transfers power between two shafts. In order to work properly, it must be flexible enough to compensate for changes in the driveline angle. These changes may be due to changing terrain. The universal joint is an important part of the driveline. It is used in both manual and automatic transmissions.
A universal joint should be serviced regularly to maintain its performance. If your universal joint squeaks while driving, it is a sign that it needs to be serviced. A lubricant can help extend the life of a u-joint.


Your vehicle’s axle consists of two main components: the hub and the spindle. The spindle rides on the hub, which can become damaged or lose its shape when it hits something. The spindle is also prone to wear from high mileage, and its threads can be damaged. If you suspect that your spindle needs to be replaced, there are several options available.
Axle spindles can be installed in one of three ways. The typical assembly includes bolted spindles on the ends of a tubular axle. The axle is then suspended by springs. Another type of mounting involves a torsion beam on the axle leg, which acts as a spring. It flexes and bends to provide the turning motion. The axle spindle can be a replacement part for your trailer, and there are towing supplies and professionals who can do it for you.
China High quality 12T14T16T German axle BPW axle with low price     example of wheel and axleChina High quality 12T14T16T German axle BPW axle with low price     example of wheel and axle
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